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Audio Mixing, Color Correction & Other Premiere Resources

From Lynda Premiere Pro training:

Some other tutorials that may be of use:

Music Resources

Most of these resources are covered by Creative Commons licenses. Learn more about the different types of licenses. Ask me if you have any questions. Also, be advised that if you have an opportunity to show your video in public, you may have to remove the music — especially if the music you use has a license that specifies non-commercial use.

  • YouTube Audio Library — Free music for video projects
  • Vimeo Music Story — Some free options for download here
  • Moby Gratis — The techno/ambient musician Moby makes music available for filmmakers. You have to create an account.
  • The Free Music Archive Lots of tracks. Click on the track name to go to its individual page to more about its licensing.
  • FreePlay Music has a lot of stuff. Has been accused of some shady dealings though.