Draft 2

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Draft 2

By this point, you have heard from your peers and have received detailed comments from me. Now you’re ready to polish the second draft and continue producing it in the content management system.

This draft should simulate what the final, reported story will look like, including multimedia. This means it must simulate as close to the final version as possible. A successful second draft will have all the elements that are required of the final project (assignment details here).

It does not have to be finalized in terms of advanced design, fonts, colors, etc. — I can help you with custom CSS and design. However, it should be completely written and multimedia completely produced.

I do understand that you might interview more sources or write more content after our second draft meeting. (And that’s fine!) However, you should treat this like submitting an article for final publication. Meaning: the further along this draft is, the more I can help you finesse it. If you’re still lacking a bunch of interviews and multimedia isn’t cut together, there’s not a lot I can critique for you (and your grade will suffer tremendously).

Due: 5:30 p.m. ET, Monday, June 22
Submission: Email me your reporting project link.
Value: 150 points