Draft 1

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Draft 1

You’ve completed most of your reporting. You’ve heard feedback from me. You have raw multimedia. Now it’s time to write your first draft and show me edited photos, videos, audio and charts/graphs.

This draft does not need to be produced in WordPress (or any other content management system) — though you’ll want to be thinking about layout and production in tandem with your writing.

At the very least, it should be a written story that meets the minimum length and experience time guidelines detailed in the final project.

The further along this draft is, the more useful my edits will be. Consider this a draft that you would submit to an editor — meaning you should think it’s good enough for publishing, but we’ll inevitably have edits.

Be ready to show me a Google Doc with your written story and any of your edited multimedia and/or charts/graphs. These should be produced to some degree — not just raw files.

You should also have an idea of how you want to produce the overall package. If you’re not already tinkering with themes and such in WordPress, then come with a wireframe or sketch of your design/layout.

Due: 5:30 p.m. ET, Monday, June 15
Submission: Create a Google Doc in our shared Drive folder
Value: 150 points