Reporting Memo

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Reporting Memo

You will submit a 2-page document detailing your reporting plan. This is much more specific than your idea pitch. This document will essentially be a roadmap for how you plan to execute your idea.

Please break it down into sections, answering the following:

  • Topic: Your focused reporting idea, in one sentence.
  • Background Info on the story. (A couple of paragraphs is fine. If you lift some of this from your idea pitch, that’s also ok. No need to reinvent the wheel, I’m just trying to get it all in one place.)
  • Clip Search, showing me what’s already been reported on this story. (These can just be links.)
  • Reporting Differences: Now, how is your story different? What new information are you bringing?
  • Narrative Arc: Brief outline of how your story will unfold.
  • Source List of people you plan to interview and their contact info.
  • Background List of data/research/background sources you plan on using to round our your reporting. (Again, these can just be links.)
  • Multimedia Opportunities for your story.
  • Roadblocks: Potential access issues or other challenges you’ll face in your reporting — and how you plan to get around them. (Yes, reporting during a pandemic is a roadblock. How will you get around that? Also list any non-pandemic-related roadblocks, like access to people or information, and your plan of attack for those, too.)
  • Pitch Plan: The outlet(s) you plan to pitch your story to and a brief description of how your project fits in with the outlet(s)’ reporting style and targeted audience.

Due: 5:30 p.m. ET, Monday, June 1
Submission: Create a Google Doc in our shared Drive folder
Value: 50 points