Outline, Lead & MM

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Outline, Lead & MM

After some initial reporting, you will sketch out a rough outline of how your story will unfold. Think of this as a rough cut (to use a video comparison). It means you will have already interviewed a few sources and have conducted background research. You must have some reporting completed by this point to stay on track. This outline is not a theoretical sketch — it’s based on real work you’ve completed.

A successful outline will not just be a bulleted list. It will be chunks of actual reporting, some actual writing — some real words down on the page. Yes, it will be quite rough, but it’s more than an “outline” as we normally use the word.

You will also attempt a few different leads for your story. Have at least three written out — and try a couple of different styles. For example, it might be a summary lead, anecdotal lead or something else.

You will also show me unedited multimedia that you’ve captured as part of your reporting. For example, you might show me some photos or videos or we might listen to some raw interview audio. Since the final version requires at least five photos, two soundbites and one video, you must provide at least two photos, one audio file and some raw video clips.


  • Outline, based on original reporting
  • Three attempted leads
  • Two photos
  • One raw audio file
  • Some raw video clips

Due: 5:30 p.m. ET, Monday, June 8
Submission: Outline should be a Google Doc in your Drive shared folder. Link to any relevant multimedia files.
Value: 100 points