Short Critiques

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Short Critiques

Find two journalistic projects representative of the type of work you aspire to do, both in subject and display. (One project could be similar in terms of reporting subject. The other project could be similar in terms of how you’d like to produce yours. Or, the project(s) could be similar to your goals in both subject and display.)

Write a short critique of each, dissecting the reporting, storytelling, use of multimedia, data, infographics, visuals, layout and design (or any other concepts you deem important to the piece). The critique should be at least 1 page, double-spaced for each project (for a total of at least 2 pages) and include a link back to the project itself.

Please do not waste page space with headings and such — I’ll know it’s yours because it’s a document in your Google Drive folder. Instead, I’d like you to fill the entire page with your critique. Include both critiques in one document.

Due: 5:30 p.m. ET, Wednesday, May 20
Submission: Create a Google Doc in our shared Drive folder
Value: 50 points