Final Project

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Final Project

You will submit a portfolio-worthy long-scroll reporting piece that has a 10-15 minute experience time. (That includes time to read and interact with multimedia.) You will use written reporting combined with audio, video, photography, data or other interactives to tell a compelling story.

You must meet certain minimum requirements (see below).

Due: 12 p.m. ET, Wednesday, June 24
Submission: Email me a link. Upload a video presentation to a shared folder.
Value: 400 points

Video Presentation: 50 points

You will put together a quick (2-3 minute total) video presentation of your topic. Prof. Bryant and I will combine all of these from our class along with the mini-documentaries from his class into one long video showcasing all of our capstone work. We’ll watch that live, together, on Wednesday, June 24 at 5:30 p.m. ET. (That’s why your project, including this video, is due several hours earlier.)

The video should be about 30 seconds of you on screen introducing yourself and your project at a high level. Then, the bulk of the time will be a screen recording of you walking us through the project website while you narrate.

Use Quicktime to record these files. If it’s easier, you can record them separately (the on-screen intro and the scree-recorded walkthrough).

Accuracy, Writing, Style & Grammar: 50 points

  • Contains no factual errors
  • Abides by AP Style
  • Contains no spelling or grammatical errors

Storytelling: 100 points

  • Contains published interviews with at least five people
  • Contains at least 2000 words (about 8 mins of reading time)

Multimedia & Interactives: 100 points

Note: The requirements in this category are negotiable depending on your story needs, but it must be cleared with me in advance.

  • Contains at least five photos
  • Contains at least two soundbites
  • Contains at least one video
  • Contains at least one other piece, like a chart, graph, timeline, map, etc.

Layout & Design: 100 points

  • Published on a CMS
  • Uses a thought-out, seamless design
  • Features a polished user experience that’s easy to navigate
  • Features multimedia and interactives that are used to break up the writing, with purpose